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Here at our aim is to provide you with the lowdown on all the very latest and most popular online fruit machines in the UK, with details of how and where to play these top-rated games. We endeavour to help you understand all the best games and explain all bonus rounds.

Featuring exclusive guides on how to play fruit machines and their associated bonus rounds with special emphasis on explaining the features. There are plenty of articles examining every aspect of each fruit machine, written by people with real enthusiasm for these games.
  Rank Game Bonus Rounds


Pots of Gold
Wishing Wells
Pathway to



Lobster Pots bonus Round - get three Larry lobsters on reals1,2 & 3



15 free spins, with every win tripled in value - feature can be re-triggered


Monopoly 'Pass   Go' Bonus triggering
exciting mini-games

   Star Trek


Red Alert, Trap a Tribble and many, many more

Coming Soon
    Of Oz


Glenda 'Good    Witch' feature, 'Oz Pick' and 'Winged Monkey' features too



'Wishing Well' bonus. 'Rainbow' feature offering
free spins with locked symbols
  Wolf Run


Free Spins   
bonus - can be re- 
triggered in-play with an awesome 50


Super Party
bonus game
with incredible mini-
games to be 
Reviewing the UK's Top Slots
Playing fruit machines and other games of chances should be fun and never treated as an investment or a way of securing easy cash. It is possible to get carried away when playing; such is the lure of what are very attractive games.

Therefore, it is important to set your limits before you play and accept that whilst you may well win, it could go the other way and you may spend your stake. What is crucial is that you must avoid chasing a win, because the nature of how the fruit machines play may mean a prohibitively long losing streak (or winning streak) on occasions.

If you feel that your gaming is getting out of control, then stop - take a breather, have a cup of tea - and visit. This excellent site will help you take stock and give you practical steps to help you get back in control. Certainly, we here at realise the importance of enjoying your gaming and sincerely want to make sure that you are comfortable with the experience.

Incidentally, the Gambling Act 2005 was introduced in 2007 to help prevent gambling addiction and not to make matter worse, gamblers turning to crime to fund their habit. The Act also protects children and others from being harmed or exploited by gambling and ensures that gambling is conducted fairly (covering online casinos too). The safeguards include the helpful, practical websites including
Responsible Gaming
All fruit machine games are required, by law, to clearly display to the player the RTP, or the equivalent odds of winning a prize. This the expected return to the player over the lifetime of the machine and is calibrated by the slot machine developers when the game is produced.

Obviously the higher the number, the higher the expected return should be. So if a machine states that the expected return is 97% it is theoretically better to play than a machine returning say 80%. However, it is very important to understand that this percentage is a figure that the machine returns over a large number of plays and is not a figure that is returned to the player every time they play. So, just because a machine has a RTP of 90% you should not expect to win 90p for every £1.00 you gamble. 

The RTP is generally measured over many thousand plays up to 100,000 or more dependent upon the type and category of the machine. There is no statutory minimum percentage payout for a gaming machine. However, the technical standards for legacy gaming machines however, do specify a lower limit RTP of 70%.                                                                                                                                    

Most online slots return higher RTP’s than their land based counterparts but in most cases it is only a few percentage points. For example Rainbow Riches at your local casino will probably returns around 90% whereas online at the RTP can be as high as is 95%.
Fruit Machine Returns
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